_Our Architecture

We use architecture to understand ourselves and the world. We use it to render life, not just buildings. We look for the elegant solution that addresses all possible requirements – the conceptual, technical, social, emotional, aesthetic, legal and financial. We care deeply about the world and the sustainability of our projects.

We look for clarity and simplicity.
We look for the extraordinary.

_Our Research

We are curious about the world we live in and how it is rapidly changing. We explore possibilities. We are constantly improving with every project. We keep asking questions and looking for a million ideas. We believe that there is always another beautiful idea floating out there for us to grab. We look for the fulfillment of the spiritual as well as the practical. We think visually. We think laterally.

We build our knowledge brick by brick.

_Our Collective

We share. We learn. We teach. We connect. We are all kindred spirits living in an inter-connected world and we work hard to find ways to work together as individuals. We embrace diversity to create a place to interact and to discuss our ideas. We set quality and environmental targets and deliver tangible results. We stay present and engaged. We laugh and uplift the lives of those around us. It starts with the promise of a perfect building, but our work goes far beyond that – it’s about human connection.

Together we turn dreams into reality.

Khoo Peng Beng
Director, Architect (Founder)

Belinda Huang
Director, Architect (Founder)