As our city grows and matures, we believe the city should move beyond the qualities of efficiency and speed and towards metaphysical qualities like health, joy, meaning, and a sense of belonging.

The human city project for Kallang Distripark reimagines the site as a cosy, friendly high-rise high-density township at the edge of central business district. Our human city framework guides the master planning of this project.

Our proposal is for a car free precinct with minimal roads. There will be convenient pedestrian links to the MRT stations and bus stops with cycling and walking paths that are integrated with the nationwide Park Connector Network. By creating transitional and fun spaces, the design promotes greater interaction, access and health for all. With porous, defensible semi-public spaces on elevated decks, we imagine different generations bonding over community programmes.

The public spaces are designed for conviviality and community formation. A diverse and lively architectural shop front façade is created at human scale and liveliness. Our Master Plan calls for spill out zones, pocket spaces and striated layers with riverfront as backdrop, which creates a soft edge to enhance human interaction. From balcony gardens to sky gardens, environmental decks and the riverside park, greenery is created at every level horizontally and vertically to take advantage of the riverfront site.


A 60m deep ex-tin mine sets the backdrops for an eco-township with a lush waterpark running along the entire East-West axis. The lake creates the ideal setting for the town centre with stepped terraces and water edge dining and activities. Water from the tin mine is pumped to the Eastern and Western edge to form a river that carries through the entire town. This blue and green strategy ensures that every housing precinct is surrounded by nature.

The alternating bands of green and building parallel with the central park are closely coupled to ensure maximum green exposure for all precincts. The club facilities stretch out with ample space on these green strips. In the North South direction, network of view corridors and pathways offers physical relief and reduces the scale of the buildings.


A central park, created with a unique concept of “a garden with houses”, binds the entire scheme together. New water way weaves through the whole township. As an extension of existing commercial node, the township connects to surrounding nodes by monorail and the central town centre is within walking distance to all units. The township is designed with car light road system.

Strips of green roof of the low and mid-rise blocks form penthouses’ decks. Bungalows and towers with mid-level gardens form the premium real estate for this development. The height profiles of the different layers alternate by varying the apex location, keeping the profiles out of phase and maximizing views.