We designed a covered public space with a simple skin of vertical aluminium sections that would become the new identity for this community club.

The new volume curves around the corner and has two layers of screens, creating a noire effect t hat changes as one moves a round the corner. At night, the skin is rendered in coloured lighting creating a unique urban corner that changes with the season.

The covered public space has a basketball court with a fast food pavilion and small pantry areas. A refinished multi-purpose hall opens into this triple volume space allowing large gathering and parties to spill out. Large fans and skylight create a comfortable naturally lit and ventilated environment. On the second storey, a new courtyard allows the kindergarten and classrooms to spill out into an outdoor deck with a large rock-climbing wall. On the roof, the new culinary studio, together with intimate pockets of community-grown herb gardens are new additions to celebrate cooking and to promote a healthy lifestyle and active community culture.