The scheme aspires to create an urban enclave that will unite the existing buildings on the site while adding new mixed-use towers. Firstly, the urban canyon is a covered street that weaves together the fabric of the project with that of the City. This curvilinear street following the contours and the different level of the site provides a filmic experience enhanced by the movement and sequential development of the passage of time and space.

From the narrow frontage through the urban canyon, the Rainforest Plaza-an open outdoor space animated with urban furniture, sculptures, raintrees and riverscape awaits. An intimate scale is created by the landscape yet it is wide enough for all types of events ranging from exhibitions to sport events and food festivals. A two-storey shopping strip with a sky deck above surrounds the multi-functional rainforest plaza. This diversity makes it a lively urban space for all.


Surrounded by buildings that exceed 20 storeys, a new ground is created on the 22nd storey. By creating a striated landscape loop, almost 7793 m2 of land is reclaimed in the land. Large enough to house a 50m-lap pool and a jogging track with KLCC view, the Sky Deck, is a destination in itself.

The sky deck forms the mediating plane between the serviced apartments and hotel below with the premium residential and office blocks above. Every apartment unit can now enjoy a view of the iconic KLCC.