Our site sits beautifully along an axis starting from the Marina Bay towards Fort Canning Park. Inspired by nature, canyons, hillside tea plantations and rice terraces, fluid lines create urban terraces for living. We imagine the Capitol as an urban instrument of leisure, life and green.

We proposed the intensification of the tradition urban plaza by injecting small studio apartments, full of young lively people. Outdoor extensions are created in the form of funky balconies, which becomes the unique visual identity. Expressed in vibrant explosion of coloured glass, this vertical stacking of communities along the fluid geometric lines creates a striking visual expression of vibrant urban life.


The landscape in the secret garden acts as an urban curtain in a stage set, concealing and revealing the activities along its entire length. Along this new public space, cafes and outdoor refreshment kiosk are lined, contributing to the urban flow of people and energy around the plaza all the way to the hotel entrance. Abstract curved lines interweave in the public spaces with a floating riverine pool, forming an urban armature that provides shelter and a recreation pool for the hotel. Shopping, Theatre, secret garden and urban plaza bind the entire project together.