Strategically located for a landmark site at the waterfront, this project aims to capture the history and culture of the place in a contemporary setting. Our objective was to create a self-contained vertical city with an active, fully connected and extremely vibrant connected urbanism. An architectural armature connects the ferry terminal via travellators and a shopping spine to all the attractions, apartments, offices and hotels.


Programmatically, Urban Streams is organized into horizontal and vertical layers of nodes, and flexible active program spaces. The combination of attractors and connectors bring about ever changing, creative, diverse and hybrid activities. The connectors are located on four different levels-ground, basement, third storey and sixth storey. They are a network of linear programmes of shopping, travellators, and eco-spines that connects all the residential, hotels, serviced apartments, offices and cultural institutions into a tightly interlaced organisation.

The most distinct connection is on the 3rd storey spine, which has travellators and a polychromatic fa├žade, creating a high-speed pedestrian link with a distinct identity. The most private of these is located on the sixth storey roof deck. It incorporates a jogging track and a series of bridges and path with clubhouses and swimming pools framed by views to the mountains and the sea.