Sentosa Village Hotel sits strategically in the heart of the existing cluster of prestigious heritage hotels on Sentosa Island. The hotel complex comprises three district experiences. One, the all suite heritage hotel to be housed in the conserved barracks. Two, a 200 room hip hotel with a heritage reference. And three, a unique business hotel on the weekdays that transforms into an exciting family hotel on weekends.

To create a unique heritage hotel, the conserved artillery camp and a parade square give way to a lifestyle village closer to the main entrance and an all-suite hotel with private pools towards the more private area of the site. The Heritage Village rooms have cosy and romantic interior aesthetics, embracing the patina of age. The irony of an artillery camp being transformed into a resort is captured with whimsical references to the past and the future.

A contrasting aesthetic expression for the conserved building and the new 200 and 600-room hotel is used as counterpoints. By using contrasting geometry, materiality and decoration, three distinct hotel experiences are created. The heritage hotel captures a sense of connection to the past. In the conserved building, the suites have standalone baths and private pools and large balconies. The village hotel is designed for flexibility and expresses the lightness and ethereal quality of the sea.

The large blocks of rooms-Hip Rooms and Family rooms- are created with soft ethereal façade of sail lines and vernonia vines. With a double door, two single business suites can be flexibly transformed into family suite. A Café island, a bar lounge, together with all day dining deck, spa deck, plenty of entertainment is provided for the pleasure of hotel guests.