The traditional waterway relationship of path, water and greenery is re-imagined as interlaced strips where path, water and greenery combine dynamically in varying proportions to create a series of habitats with smooth transitions in between them. We call this a Weavescape. Set amidst the new habitats and the Weavescape, instead of just a simple balancing water channel, it is designed as a community strip that combines a park, commercial and water activities to form community spaces that adapt to growing changing needs of users.

Weavescapes while providing a pastoral alternative to the high-density built environment incorporates permaculture ideas, in which natural systems of wetlands, swales and vetiver grass strengthened slopes are woven into the landscape to filter, protect and treat the water and the land.

Recognizing that the park is subjected also to external cycles that determine usage pattern, the park spaces are intentionally programmed to be multifunctional spaces. Whilst embracing the short-term changes, cyclical flowering of trees with a longer cycle could be planned in order to animate the landscape with a slower yearly cycle. Finally our proposal considers a hundred year maturity period by creating the Pavilions – a project that matures on the centenary anniversary of the creation of the park.