We see St. Joseph’s home, which provides elder care as a place that celebrates homecoming where the community comes together in common vulnerability and experience new life with grace.

Entering the site along a tree-lined ceremonial like driveway, the chapel ahead acts as a visual focus and landmark announcing the central arrival and departure plaza. Service areas are separate and discrete. The simple and functional form of the vertical residential blocks beyond is appropriate to the context and enhances the area with the nature interwoven through the levels.

The garden is a vibrant, integrated space, full of life where residents can immerse themselves in a stimulating atmosphere, actively sharing with all generations of family. A homely multipurpose hall as well can be used for gathering. Clusters of dining and living area accommodate wheelchairs as well as seated residents, carers or visitors.

The naturally ventilated and day lit open pantry, with the tabletop planters around the perimeter, becomes a serving space during meal times. Furthermore, residents could personalise their own private garden right beside their bed window. Viewed from the rooms, the peace gardens provide a calm, reflective space for dementia patients, as well as stand as monuments commemorating the lives of those that have passed.