The tower blocks of the Foresque residences are lifted over the ground allowing the landscape to flow through the tall buildings. Ground floor units are “cabana” units with private gardens and plunge pools. Sky gardens and terraces on the 2nd and roof level create vertical greenery and dramatic outdoor activity areas.

The 496 units cluster into 5 tower blocks that rise up to 24 storeys. The façade is designed as modules that combine to form an intricate composition using similar modules combined in various combinations. The combination of aluminium screens, corridors and balconies create a dynamic play of light and shadow on the façade.


The environmental deck is expressed as curvilinear lines and surfaces, a composition of swimming pools and aquatic ponds that form an undulating waterscape, edged with lush greenery to create a “forest” like natural pool environment.

The clubhouse and landscape pavilions are sculptural buildings of hyperbolic surfaces using linear aluminium elements. Housing function rooms, a gym, a home theatre and entertainment pavilions, it is strategically located to provide the best view of pool deck with garden rooms.