The Tembusu creates a humanized high-density living space by weaving a tapestry of sky gardens around three interconnected super blocks. The sky gardens become an extension of the units when they form a park network in the sky. This creates a layer of semi-public private spaces, which amongst residents promotes greater social interaction.

The vertical filaments of creepers and vines of different varieties create a totally new living fa├žade, merging architecture with nature and softening the effect of the tall vertical columns. This green screen acts as a giant environmental filter. In the sky garden, sky pods acts as community spaces for a small private parties and events. Seen as an extension of the home, each sky pod allows every resident to enjoy the beautiful high-level views or to share their experience with friends.

The landscape is designed around a rain remediation system that is expressed as streams and ponds. The landscape changes during rain and has a system of tidal effects.

Facilities include party villas, playing lawn, spa gardens and a fully camouflaged tennis court. The party pavilions are spaces for gathering equipped with its own pool, pantry and a powder room.