A single tower of 33 storeys with sky terraces in six activity-suites rises from a cosy and lush garden. The units are designed to be flexible with the services tucked away from the periphery and the structures pulled away from the centre. Each bathroom has a unique balcony with an outdoor Jacuzzi installation.


On the 24th storey, the sky-high club provides a choice of sophisticated lifestyle settings. There is an infinity pool with the magnificent city skyline view, a lounge library, a spa pavilion accompanied by a Jacuzzi, a yoga fitness pavilion, and a dining suite. The sky-club is a perfect venue for a gathering of friends and community. 

The façade of alternating bay windows, faceted ribbons and balconies with metal screens are rendered in shades of white and grey to intensify the play of light and shadow. By night, this monochromatic façade transforms into an expressive polychromatic facade lighting installation created by LPA that artfully wraps around the tower.